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ID Resources

On this page, we will bring together ID Resources from colleagues and organisations across the NBN.  This page is in its early stages of development and will be added to over time.  If you have resources that will fit in here or if you are aware of any that are not included, please do let us know.

Remember that iSpot is an invaluable resource if you need help with identification.

You will also find a comprehensive list of ID Resources on the following websites:


Takes you to the flickr collections of Steven Falk

The images have copyright, as per usual flickr terms, but they can be used freely for research, education and amateur endeavours.  If you wish to use them for commercial purposes please contact us.

Arachnida (spiders, harvestmen, scorpions, ticks etc).

A large class of arthropod invertebrates which contains 11 orders, including Araneae (spiders), Scorpiones (scorpions), Opiliones (harvestmen), Amblypygi (whip-scorpions), Thelyphonida (vinegarroons), Pseudoscorpionida (pseudoscorpions) and Acari (mites and ticks). Over 100,000 species have been described to date.

Go to Steven Falk's flickr collection

Molluscs (snails, slugs, bivalves etc.)

Go to Steven Falk's flickr collection


Go to Steven Falk's flickr collection


Go to Steven Falk's flickr collection


Go to Steven Falk's flickr collection


Go to Steven Falk's flickr collection

British habitats

Go to Steven Falk's flickr collection

Acorn barnacles

Go to Ian Smith's flickr collection

British Sea Snails

Go to Ian Smith's flickr collection

ID Guides

ID Guides

Cricket & Grasshopper ID Guide

Takes you to the earwig, cockroach and stick insect ID guide

Identify marine animals
Shell identification guide

Marine animals other than shells identification guide

Marine Bivalve Shells of the British Isles - An open access online identification guide to Marine bivalves found in British water from the intertidal to the abyss

MarLIN: Marine Life Information Network

Identify a butterfly

Go to Butterfly Conservation's identification pages

Identify a day-flying moth

Go to Butterfly Conservations identification pages

Identification Guides from Buglife

Pollinator identification chart

Bug identification chart


Takes you to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust website

Shrill carder bee factsheet

Takes you to the list of FSC fold out charts  

Full-colour laminated charts designed for use outside. Over 70 titles in the series. Clear colour illustrations help you make a positive identification quickly. Small enough to take into the field

Takes you to the FSC AIDGAP guides  
The aim of AIDGAP series is to produce accessible keys suitable for non-specialists from sixth-form age upwards

Identify Leaf and Stem mines of British Flies and other insects
The leaf and stem mines of British flies and other insects by Brian Pitkin, Willem Ellis, Colin Plant and Rob Edmunds

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